‘Players’ expansion – first review!

It has happened – a very special moment for each game designer – that is, the moment when he is about to find out how his child has done on the first day at school. And for those who may be less poetically inclined than me, here’s the translation: the moment when the game you had been working on for the last two years gets its first review.

rpg.net logoThis time I, err… Hat-Trick, got really lucky – not only because the review is favourable, but the site where it was published is www.rpg.net, the oldest independent roleplaying site on the Internet. Enough to say it has been around since 1996 and it ranks in the top 40k among the Alexa ranked sites. In footballing terms, Hat-Trick just got to the Champions League 🙂

Antonios S. logo rpg.netAs for the opponent… I mean, reviewer :), it is Antonios S, the most prolific writer of RPG.net in the last four years, who has already 443 reviews under his belt so it was definitely not a free ride. Please find the list of all Antonios’ reviews here, or visit his twitter or facebook profile. And if that is not enough, well, look left. In the photo you can see me laying out Hat-Trick’s basics to Antonios and his chief-playtester, Marco, during this year’s SPIEL in Essen.

And the review? Well, I’d like to write how well written and competent it is, and how rarely we get to see  reviews which actually… review but I can’t do that because I’m probably biased and… wait! Did I just…? Yup, I did.

Anyway, did you know that Jean-Paul Sartre was a fan of football? I didn’t. At least not until today.

So, here they are. The reviews. One for the base game and one for the expansion.


I sure did.