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Pre-match: press conference

Welcome in the first post-SPIEL16 Hat-Trick newsletter in which you will read about:

• first post-SPIEL16 impressions

• news from our homepage and forum

• the companion App

• playmats for Hat-Trick that four of you are about to win

Let’s start!


Final whistle: SPIEL16

Essen SPIEL16 is over and just like the last time, we’re back with some great memories (and photos). The one below ranks as one of the greatest:

These 2 gentlemen, who I remembered from 2 years back, came for their expansions and returned on the following day, asking me to coach them. They wanted to play the game and I was supposed to cut in from time to time, sharing my remarks about what I would have done differently. And since I love the English sense of humour, my coaching was reduced to recurring bursts of laughter (and ocassional tips). So, I guess, I would make a pretty lousy coach especially if I was to coach a team of Englishmen… unless it was the English national team – I don’t think I’d be laughing then 😉

(for the record: I do support the English team, they simply make me cry every 2 years).

This was another memorable match:

Why memorable?

Well, before Essen I and Marek had arranged that we would not be teaching the expansion to anyone, as the base game with its Scoring Opportunity system is hard enough on all newcomers. These 2 guys, however, started using the player skills practically right away and after few minutes I was able to leave them and start demoing the game to others. And so, this was the only time during the entire Essen when Hat-Trick was played on 3 tables simultaneously.

Naturally, there are plenty of other photos – if I find some more time, I might make a small thumbnail gallery and if you find yourself in them, you could simply let me know which, and I’ll send them to you.


News: latest rumours

hattrick help sheets cardsAs some of you may have already noticed, I started a news section on our homepage. I will be posting there anything that comes to my mind and is Hat-Trick related.

So, for example, in the last news item I am encouraging all the novice players to use the help sheets from the expansion (left) while learning to play Hat-Trick. Obviously, these should have been included in the base game, true, but since it had not occured to me then, I thought ‘better late than never’ and included them in the expansion. Reasons why you should be using them can be found in the news section.

And if you happen to be German, Marek is translating all the news items at Still, if you are reading this, I do not think you need German translation. Viscious circle, I’d say.

Oh, and if you have only the base game, let me know on our forum – I’ll upload the cards.

And speaking of the forum, you can always ask us anything there (if you happen to be BGG user, which, I guess, is true for most of you). Only today I posted a junior variant, so if you have a kid with whom you’d like to play Hat-Trick, this may be a good starting point.


Media: the Companion App

It never occured to me that Hat-Trick should have some way of keeping scores. Weird, considering this is a board game (which pretends to be a card game, but still it is weird in either case). I guess I simply thought that when you’re going to a football match, you don’t bring any mechanisms to help you follow the score. Unless you’re like really old, I guess.

Anyway, I think it is a good idea to have something like that in a game and this is one of the things that the free Companion App for Hat-Trick will let you do. Apart from that, it will:

• track match events like goals, cards, etc.

• help you keep all lineups in one place

• record all your past matches

• give you instant acces to all the tutorials

• introduce timed play



All you have to do is to visit this site and click download. And should you have any questions, a representative of Wit-Labs (the Chilean software devloping company that made the app) is on the BGG forum in this thread to help you.

And if you are feeling particularly generous, buy these guys a beer (bottom of the download page) or give the app your rating. The Wit-Labs have been working their socks off to bring you this app in time for the release and are still improving it, so let’s cheer for them.


The trophy: 4 playmats to win!

And now a short reminder of the competition you’re all taking part in. As we have announced during SPIEL16 (and in the said news section and on the Kickstarter), we will be giving away the 4 playmats we were using at Essen. Here is one of the 4 beauties:

To win them, all you have to do… you have already done, that is – to be our subscriber. So if you are reading this, that means you will be included in the draw. And even if you stop reading this right now, you will still be included. But please do not stop, as you will not find out how to check out the results.

And to check out the results, you must simply keep receiving your emails, as in the next newsletter (this weekend, or start of the next week) we will announce the 4 lucky winners who will get the mats. For all the others, I will simply upload a pdf file with a temporary mat, so you could print it unless we start the production and put up the real thing for sale.

Post-match: team-talk

And that would be it for today. If you are enjoying this little project of ours, please support us by spreading the word about Hat-Trick, be it via some football-themed forums or some other channels with like-minded individuals who might like the game. Ratings or match reports on the game’s or expansion’s page on BGG are most welcome, as it is obvious that if your game is not popular on BGG, it simply does not exist. Hat-Trick has barely existed there over last 2 years and we’d really like to change that with the ‘Players’ expansion. Still, without you it won’t happen… unless I convince Marek to do magic. And Marek can magic. See for yourselves.

You have been warned 🙂

So thanks in advance and till next time!